Maia represents Austria in her school's United Nations PageantIt’s been the question midway through September. The next month meant United Nations celebrations in most schools in the Philippines, and more often than not it consisted of the kids dressing up in various native costumes of countries around the world and saying a greeting in that country’s language.

Maia is representing Austria in her school’s United Nations pageant late this month. Preparation for her costume involved quite a bit of internet research as to what the national costume of Austria looked like, and how to find such a costume in any store in Manila. Having one made to order was already out of the question. Most tailors required a month’s notice for such jobs.

Last week I tried the malls. I spotted costumes for Korea, Japan, the US and some Polynesian ones but zilch for Austria. In fact the malls had more Halloween costumes than United Nations costumes. Halloween in the Philippines is something I am not very keen about but that’s another blog post.

Cris did some research himself and came upon this mom’s support forum where one Mom mentioned a costume and textile store in Quiapo that specialized in United Nations costumes. She could not recall the street it was on, but gave enough directions to her co-forumers that Cris knew where to find it.

Echague Bazar

The store was on what used to be Echague Street, parallel to Hidalgo, on the farther side of the Quiapo Church. In fact from Sta. Cruz, following Echague Street will take you into Quiapo Ilalim. Echague Street is now known as Carlos Palanca St.

Echague Bazar Owner with Cris

We found our Austria costume at the Echague Bazar, ran by William Uy and Christine Cheng. They sell all kinds of embroidery, barong, ladies bags, kimonas, long gowns, costumes, wedding gowns and table cloths. They also accept made-to-order barong, gown etc. I got that bit of information from the business card the owner gave us. Maia’s Austria costume cost us P350.00.

United Nations Flags

Echague Bazar is at 163 Carlos Palanca St. with phone numbers 314-7890 and 733-6357. It’s on the same side as Excellent chain of stores where people in the know get their hams and quezos de bola for the holidays.

Additional directions: from Manila City Hall take España Bridge which will lead you to Plaza Lacson. Immediately after the bridge on the right is Carlos Palanca St (Echague). At that corner is Plaza Fair, behind it is the old SM. Just keep going past the camera shops, looking to the left and you will see the Echague Bazar.

Where to buy United Nations Costumes in Manila

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  1. hello bambit.. 🙂 thanks so much for sharing.. i sew my kids costumes most of the time if not i go directly to divi.. but this is a time saver..:) i would suggest you screen your comments before allowing them to post directly on your blog.. i keep my own blog also and that’s what i do to keep people from sending me repeatitive questions hehe i admire your patience, though.. 🙂 warm hugs..

    1. Hi sheene, I would pero set na sa Google ang SEO nitong post na ito eh 😀 I get the most hits starting late August to November because of this post and a couple of similar ones, for Buwan ng Wika and an update to this one.

  2. OMG 114 comments! 😀

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    Thanks again, everyone! 🙂

    1. just want to ask lng po kung for rent din po ba ung mga costume nyo??i just need to our xmas party

      tnx godbless…

  3. 😎 This is such a cool post! Thanks for the information. My daughter had a similar dilemma of not knowing where to find stores that sell UN celebration costumes. Thanks to Google she found your site and we went to seek out the store mentioned. Although Echague Bazaar didn’t have her needed costume for Canada, we were able to buy one two doors down beside said store. Thanks again for pointing us to the right direction.

    Rosyel (a.k.a. Rain)

  4. maganda sai at kumpletu ng kailangan kung san sila bibili ❓ ➡ :mrgreen: 😯 😈 😉 😐 😡 😈 🙄 😛 😮 😆

  5. maguunited nations po kasi po akong costume..gusto kopo sana costume kung pede:CHINA O JAPANESE O AMERICA O INDIA..pero ung gusto kopo talaga suotin ung AMERICA O INDIA…SALAMAT PO!.

    1. Echague Bazar is at 163 Carlos Palanca St. with phone numbers 314-7890 and 733-6357.

      Please call them directly for your questions.

      I DO NOT OWN ECHAGUE BAZAAR as i have repeatedly said here and so cannot answer any questions regarding stock and availability. I just wrote about them.

  6. Sir pwede po bang humingi ng images ng panlalaking korean na meron kayo? theme kasi ng Xmas party namin eh UN ,.

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