Huwag Tularan

This is the front of the perimeter wall surrounding our house. It’s one of the oldest walls in what used to be Baltao Subdivision. I know it’s one of the oldest because my father had that wall built around the 450 sqm where our house stands. This was because there were no other structures on either side or at the back of the property in 1959, when the house was built.

This is what will happen to any campaign posters that are pasted on our wall.

The wall is not much to look at, but it’s our wall. It’s a private, residential location and NOT a place to stick campaign posters on.

The Fair Election Practices Act (FEPA) prohibits the posting of campaign materials in public places outside of the designated common poster areas such as streets, bridges, public structures or buildings, trees, electric posts or wires, schools, shrines, main thoroughfares and the like.

The Comelec has designated common poster areas in plazas, markets, barangay centers and the like, where candidates can display their posters.

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