Some time after Christmas a photographer friend of mine issued an S.O.S. Her computer had become infected with a virus, and apparently the antivirus software that she had on it could not remove the infection. She contacted me online to ask if I could help her, and of course I said I would.

I told her to bring the sick computer to our house, lock, stock and huge widescreen monitor, so I could apply the latest in fumigation techniques that I learned from our technical department.

Me on Bangge's Computer

The computer had one of those free downloadable antivirus programs that really didn’t do much especially if the signatures weren’t regularly updated and a daily full scan was not run. There were other ways of getting a virus, most common of which is through removable drives, which is how my friend’s computer got infected.

The virus hid all her photo folders, which to my friend looked like they were deleted. The virus also hid the Tools > Folder Options link from the File Manager, which removed the ability to unhide the folders.

Short story is, I installed a Kaspersky trial version, ran updates, ran all possible scans and in the end managed to get the virus out, the folders back, making my friend so happy she brought me a huge bag of goodies from Pan de Pugon.

Yummy! 😀

When a computer gets a cold…

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