I put in a bid to be a walk leader at Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk 2010 last Tuesday, June 1. After a couple of suspenseful days, I got this message in my email:

from    Worldwide Photo Walk <pw2010@kelbymediagroup.com>
to    bambit.gaerlan@gmail.com
date    Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 11:13 AM
Subject: Photo Walk – Well… Maybe.

You’re getting this email because, well…we haven’t decided if your walk is approved or not yet.  Here’s why…

There’s already a Photo Walk happening in your area that isn’t quite full yet. Since the Worldwide Photo Walk is a social event, it works best when a walk has a lot of people, so if that walk starts to fill up, we’ll approve the next walk request on the list, and that could well be you (well, it’s probably you, but ya never know).

When will that be? We don’t know. It could be tomorrow. It could be in a couple of weeks. It may not happen at all, but either way, at least it’s not a “no!”.

But we wanted to let you know what was up so you wouldn’t be wondering why you hadn’t gotten a response.

Good Luck!  We’re rootin’ for ya!

– Thanks
The Photo Walk Team

It took me a full minute to digest all this, and then realized that by “your area” they meant Metro Manila.

By golly.

I replied to this email, but it turned out that pw2010@kelbymediagroup.com is an unattended one that does not accept replies.

This was what I had written:

Hi Photo Walk Team,

If Metro Manila is what you consider my are — that’s a HUGE area.

My proposal, a ride on the old Philippine National Railways line, is a historical ride as well. It hopes to document the re-emergence of the Philippine Railway system, which up to now is sadly neglected by both the government and foreign investors.

My walk will document each station from Tutuban to Alabang, a total of 16 train stations starting in the heart of old commercial Manila and ending at Muntinlupa City.

I have asked for the necessary permissions from the PNR administrators, offering them the pictures that I personally will be taking during the walk, for use on their website and for general marketing, as my personal contribution to this sector of transportation.

A few photographers who know about my walk are rooting for me here too, because no one has of yet thought of leading a walk this way.

And perhaps the reason why the other walks in the Metro Manila area are not filled up yet is because they’re waiting for a walk that is DIFFERENT from the usual routes.

Yes, the walk I have proposed is different. I hope you do approve it.

Bambit Gaerlan

And I honestly hope they do.

Application Status: On Hold

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