On the way up to La Union a couple of weekends ago, the NLEX stretch was marred by no less than five vehicular accidents involving vehicles of varying sizes. Every now and then the local news on the radio would mention something about each accident in turn, the worst of which was two cargo trucks, one that rammed into the other at about four o’clock in the morning, and had caused the death of four people.

NLEX Mishap

Accidents like this should make vehicle owners think about getting an auto insurance quote, especially when some people actually do without it to skip the expense. Freight moving companies should also have accident insurance for their drivers and truck personnel. Sadly though, with the dearth of jobs available these days, some drivers and helpers accept jobs that offer no insurance.

Some drivers who have heard of this accident say at least one of the truck drivers may have fallen asleep at the wheel. This is another sad fact about a drivers job. Some are so constrained by schedules that sleep or rest seem out of the question, and when fatigue takes over, accidents like this happen.

On the road

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