I used to buy dresses like this for Maia when she was a baby and we were living in Iligan City. There was a store called Trendline where I would go to for her baby clothes, and we went there so often because she would quickly outgrow the ones I bought just a few weeks ago. Buying clothes for Maia seemed more fun than buying stuff for myself, because there was so much more to choose from, and baby’s clothes always looked a lot more beautiful than grown up clothes.

These days though, Maia is more into Barbie looking clothes and stuff that she sees on the internet. For a time she was into costumes, but except for a desire to replace her Belle costume that was ruined by Typhoon Ondoy, she hasn’t been talking about it much. We took her underwear shopping a couple of weeks ago and when we passed by the women’s lingerie she wanted to try on the bras.

Then we passed by the swimsuit racks, and this time she wanted a bikini. I told her she could have one when she turns 16, which is the same age I told her she could have her own Facebook account.

From layette to lingerie?

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