All you parents worrying about where to get Philippine national costumes for your kids for the Buwan ng Wika celebrations at their schools, look no further.

The snapshot above is from my daughter Maia’s Buwan ng Wika (National Language Month) Celebration at her school. Maia (second from right) is wearing a Tausug formal dress called the Biyatawi. The biyatawi is a blouse made of plain material like satin and is ornamented with tambuku (gold or silver filigree) on the breast, shoulders, and cuffs. It is usually worn with sawwal (loose trousers) of silk or brocade. A habul tiyahian is either slung across the shoulder or allowed to hang on one arm.

Of course, for this outfit we went to the tried and tested Echague Bazar in Quiapo, which I wrote about sometime last year, after we discovered it while looking for where to buy United Nations costumes.

The costume Maia is wearing cost around PHP400.00. There are cheaper versions of this costume, but we picked this one out because of the finer quality compared to the less costly set.

Teachers looking for their own Filipiniana costumes should look no further as well, because the Echague Bazar also sells adult size costumes. Click through to my other post so find out how to get to the Echague Bazar.

Philippine National Costumes

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