Got another message in my Facebook box today with this request for advice. I’m not really sure why people are asking me as I am not as experienced as most people I know. I do have a passion for photography and for teaching and it’s perhaps why I get these questions every now and then:

hi, ms. bambit! im a newbie in photography and owns a d60. i recently bought a speedlight (sb600) for my cam and is saving up to buy lenses. aside from the 50mm, what can you recommend that would be handy wherever i go? thanks! (i like taking pictures of my children, sceneries and hopefully will go into macro photography)

This is what I replied:

Children – you got that covered with the 50mm — you have the f/1.4 AF-S, right? If that’s not the one you have then go out and get the 35 mm AF-S, which you can use both on your children and on scenery and street.

But in truth the kit lens will serve you very well as long as you take the other elements in consideration — ISO, Aperture and how they work with shutter speed and focal length.

I’m sure you have the money to spend on lenses but like everyone else who asks me similar questions — I will tell you to spend a little more time with your kit, understand the trinity of ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed.

All the photos I have been taking in the past four months are with the kit lens. If you’ve seen the toys and the old cameras, they were all shot with the kit.

If you MUST invest, please invest in training. Get a teacher or join a seminar. Having all the gear is nothing compared to knowing what you can do with what you have.

Dear Bambit …

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