So many things have happened since the last national elections in this country (my country, the Philippines, a.k.a. PH) that has caused many a head to shake, including mine. Quite a lot of questionable incidents and issues that might well make us wear, in case we fall from this high horse of a government that has advertised The Straight Path (Tuwid na Daan in the language of the capital).

But who am I to rant? I helped their campaign. I helped put them there. I bought and wore yellow t-shirts thinking I was on the right path, that this, as long promised, is the change that we long needed. I have said this before and quite recently, and I will say it again. I regret that I did so.

I regret having believed that the people around our president, the same people who were his cordon sanitaire during the campaign, who looked down their noses at people who were not from the Ateneo or UP or whereever, those who thought that only the people they know and were educated where they themselves were educated were the only learned ones, those who thought that people who were hired to hang streamers and tarpaulin banners were merely just that — menial labor, these people would be meaningless and would be replaced by actual learned advisers.

I was wrong. I was so wrong.

Naka helmet kasi …

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