I am now starting what I hope will become a regular feature on this blog: A weekly review of noteworthy finds on the internet. In my opinion.

Now that I’ve had more time on my hands I have realized that working on the internet for a living (at the office) has kept me from actually finding goodies on the internet, as most of the research and actual work that I’ve done is work related and oriented. I didn’t have the time to explore other stuff that I used to think was fun.

For example: I am now on Twitter. Again. I used to have an account which I got because there were stuff I wanted to check out, and then after a week I lost interest because I couldn’t see the point of it all. At the time that I got that first account I could not appreciate microblogging, because I had this blog and access to it pretty much where it mattered. I had deactivated that account immediately after the #maimislang fiasco

So why did I re-register for a twitter account? In my search for other things with which to get busy with my blog I found Tomoson, where I as a blogger can apply to review stuff that they can send over for me to do just that. Not all blogging is about monetizing — it’s also about writing real reviews about real products. It’s a bonus that I can get to keep the product too. I can’t really say much about it now because I just signed up today, but once it gets rolling it will figure in the next few weekly roundups. Applying for review opportunities require you to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the application, and that is why I now tweet. Again.

Not that I’ve really even tweeted before and frankly I can’t even recall why I started a twitter account the first time, except perhaps to foll– oh wait, now I do remember. I started a Twitter account so I can follow the updates on Digital Photographer Philippines back when they were upgrading the forums and was down intermittently for a few days.

Weekly Review – 29 Nov 2010

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