Cris and I went for an early morning walk with Maia today, but when we reached the Nayong Pilipino we were met with a bit of bad news: The park is closed and will remain so until February 2011. This is because of renovations that were to be made in the theme park. This hit me as long-term good news compared to the temporary disappointment of not being able to walk there today.

The Nayong Pilipino was THE theme park of the Philippines, in my opinion more cultural than Disneyworld, more educational than Sentosa, and more than twice as big in land area as the Universal Studios in Singapore. It was where elementary students of my generation (Class of ’76) and the next two generations went for educational trips, sports events and concerts and MTV location shoots. During the administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, most of the land was traded over to the International Airport Authorities and PAGCOR in exchange for runway and possibly casino space. Until today it is a favorite spot for joggers in the Pasay/Paranaque area because of its convenient and ideal location for aerobic exercise.

The news of renovation is quite welcome, even if they put up an entrance fee later on. I would not mind paying towards the upkeep of a theme park that we can be proud of. It could even be one of those places where Pasay city residents could get a discount on fees if they present a cedula (of course no use to me since we’re on the other side of the border :D).

I hope that this will turn out well. I hope.

Good news at the Nayon?

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