One of the medical benefits we have at the office is a card that we were issued. It looks like an ATM card and works pretty much the same as one, except it didn’t have any money in it. At first we did not understand how this health savings account worked, thinking that we had to deposit money into the card so that it would work. I put mine away in my drawer, thinking that it was just taking up space in my wallet.

Our boss clarified that bit for us. What we could do with the card was show it at any accredited hospital during an emergency and the hospital would either swipe the card at their terminals or call the health card provider who will verify that we are indeed bona fide members of the program. The hospital will then treat us and pass on the charges to the card provider. We could practically walk out of the hospital after the treatment, without shelling out any cash.

Sounds good, but honestly, I really don’t want the opportunity to put the card to the test.

Automatic Health Card

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  1. oo nga naman. it’s like hearing someone that one’s coffin is very good to look at but who would want a coffin kahit na superganda pa yan!

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