Imaginet Christmas Pary 2010

Yes, it’s THAT time of the year again, when the entire office takes a break from all the cabling and the monitoring and the designing and development, stops ignoring food and mealtimes and feasts on sosyal Chinese Cuisine (care of Lutong Macao) and lets their hair down, even when they don’t have any.

There were prizes galore, other than the exchange gifts, home speakers, gas stoves, dinner sets, festive but practical goody baskets from suppliers far and wide. There were games, and there were contests and there were prizes. There were clowns! And there was Sponge Bob! The kids, both young and old, had a lot of fun.

This particular picture is precious because we haven’t had a real one with every body present, for the past two years. The group hug was always forgotten in the excitement. Not this year though. And we hope not in the next years to come.

Happy holidays, Imaginet!

Finally, a group hug! =)

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