I may have to resort to reflected and long range photos of myself, if only to minimize the post processing I have to do on my face.

I first started getting blackheads during puberty, when my skin started to oil up like a greasy deep fried dumpling. It still does to this day, and I must have researched how to get rid of blackheads a dozen times. Sometimes I am impatient and just pop them immediately after a hot bath, but they just keep coming back. I have learned that I may have to live with this all my life, and just be thankful that the oil is keeping the wrinkles at bay.

What I would like for Christmas is a blackhead suction gun, like what they have at the parlors that offer facials, only portable. Battery operated but with an external power supply that can be plugged in when needed. Small enough that I can pack it into my bag and just bring it out when I’m bored at the mall, find a nice ladies room with running hot water and just fire away.

😀 😀 😀

Sa maybahay…

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