Perhaps the most famous person in the world today who had a human growth hormone deficiency when he was a boy is Lionel Messi.

My name is Leonel Messi, this is my story.
When I was eleven I had a growth hormone problem.
But being smaller i was more agile.
And I leart to play with the ball on the ground.
Because that’s where it felt more comfortable.
Now I realise, sometimes bad things can turn out good.

Messi is not only a very skillful football player, but also a very level headed one. He has never exhibited anger on the pitch, even when hurt or clearly at a disadvantage. He has also established the Fundacion Leo Messi, whose motto is Choose to Believe, or Elegi Creer, which supports access to education and health care for vulnerable children. This is Messi’s way of giving back, of making available to other kids the opportunities for betterment that he had when he was younger.

Last March 2010, he was appointed by the UNICEF as an Ambassador of Goodwill, making him one of the precious few football players awarded this honor. As UNICEF Ambassadors of Goodwill, world renowned celebrities make use of their fame by drawing attention to important issues.

Lionel Messi – Choose to Believe

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