Almost a year ago I could not understand all the fuss about the iPhone, mostly because I didn’t have one and was not likely to buy one as they are very expensive. Where I live it can cost more than 1000 USD and that is a lot of money for me.

However, with some luck and a very thoughtful aunt who lives in the US, I managed to get one. 2G, pre-owned, but an iPhone nevertheless. After a day or two of familiarizing myself, reading online manuals, forums and such, I began to see why people who had iPhones loved them, because I began to fall in love with mine.

I had used touch screen mobile phones before. I had a Sony Ericsson P910i and a Nokia 5800. While they are now both gone by way of theft, I did get to see their value. But now, in my opinion, the iPhone is probably the best thing to happen for smartphones.

I spend less time in front of my laptop at home these days, because of the iPhone. That’s because I’ve downloaded most of the apps I need to use my iPhone as a computer. I can Skype, YM, blog, read and write email, check my PayPal and eBay accounts. Oh, and I can call and text people on it too.

The office gave me a new phone to use, not an iPhone, but a new touch screen phone with the Android OS. It’s not as wide as the iPhone and so my chubby fingers have difficulty working with the onscreen keyboard if I hold the phone upright. Most of the time I hold it horizontally, which is not very comfortable.

I guess what I’m saying is the iPhone is now the phone by which I judge most other phones. And the other ones are more likely to pale in comparison.

Romancing an old iPhone

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