My husband was in Cebu for several weeks last month, but it was not like the usual business trip. He and his partner had to setup an office and a house, and I was kidding him through text telling him it was just like moving into an empty house all over again. We were quite familiar with that, moving into empty houses, having done so three times in the past eight years.

It was a challenge to find a store for wholesale housewares, because there were times when the budget wouldn’t cut it and then again there were those lucky times when money was not an issue. But then again you would want the best value for your money either way.

My husband and his colleague planned to shop at Tabo-an Market to get the best deals, but they ended up at Unitop for reasons of convenience. I guess that’s the other factor these days, the convenience of buying things makes one overlook the slightly higher price.

Just like starting over

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