The company I work for offers managed web hosting. Quite a number of companies do understand the importance of having a website but do not have either the time or the technical knowledge involved in publishing their site. That’s where we come in. We take either their existing website or make one for them, host them on servers that we manage, and make sure that they don’t go down in the middle of a working day and that they get all their domain email and that they don’t get any spam or viruses in their mail.

The SEO company I mention in my previous post, with their touted success in SEO work, has branched out to web development, hiring marketing people who know nothing about web development and server management. So they rely on us for server management. However since they don’t know the difference between web management and server management, they run to me with their programming problems even when I am only obliged to make sure that their server is alive.

Yesterday, at the paintball tournament, they arrived fashionably late, sashaying into the Global Gutz arena like movie stars that we had been long awaiting. Since they were late they missed the pre-game briefing. This pre-game briefing is mandatory, and all players should undergo it prior to going into the war zone. They were in the second game, against my Web Developers. Because they were late and further took their time suiting up, they still were not ready when the call was made for the second game.

My team was already in place, ready and waiting. They were still nowhere in sight. When the game marshals announced that if they were not in the arena in 1 minute they would forfeit the game, that’s when they came running. They went into the game knowing no rules, because they didn’t even take the time to read the basic rules posted just before the entrance.

What happened next was this. One of my web developers took out their expat boss with a clean shot in the head early in the game. Later on two of my team got hit and left the arena as per the rules. One of their own was already shot in the face, but the marshals didn’t see it. This player kept shooting despite being dead and knowing it. One of the photographers just outside the netting saw it and called it out to the marshal. One of their team members took the opportunity and sprang out from her hiding place, rushing one of my team members from the back and shot him point blank. They won, because they had more people left after the game timed out. If the rulebook were thrown at them they would have lost.

What just happened here? They had a zombie and a stupid idiot who had no idea that shooting point blank was against the rules. Her excuse was because she didn’t know what the rules were. She got a mouthful about that from my boss after the game.

I was shaking when I confronted them. I was pointing to the rules posted by the entrance and I couldn’t keep my hand steady I was shaking so much. I just kept shouting the rules at them, and I suppose all my pent up anger at them as a so-called web development company came out.

I really didn’t care, this was the one day when I could really shout at them and I wouldn’t be reprimanded for insubordination. Come to think of it, I can shout at them even on a working day because I don’t work for them, and therefore whatever I do cannot be called insubordination.

Anyway, they won that game, and then lost the second one. I think they got creamed in the third game, if they ever got to play again. They took a box of pizza and a bucketful of chicken (provided by our company) and ate at the corner of the game room, refusing to mix with the rest of the players. Now that I thought was plain discourteous. They were late, they were in the wrong, they cheated. Now they were licking their wounds like hurt dogs? They even left early, not even bothering to wait for the tournament to finish, to congratulate the eventual winners. I think that was bad form.

Does their attitude in the arena reflect the way they work? Having worked with them, I would say yes. And I can sincerely say that not having to work with them in the following days is one of the sweetest things to happen in my life in a long long time.

Retirement (continued)

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