Ornament that Maia and I made from a kit

On one of my pre-Christmas shopping forays into the malls I spotted a store at the Glorietta that sold surplus goods. Among the stuff that they sold were kits for Christmas ornaments, small wreaths for hanging on a tree, socks for wall hangings and little candy bags that you can either hang on the tree or leave on a dinner table for favors.

The picture above is one of — well actually the ONLY one we have made so far, and it took us an entire morning to do. It’s been years since I’ve seriously taken up needle and thread to make anything like this, and my rustiness showed in my slowness. I think it’s time I looked for a massage therapy program online that can help get rid of my carpal tunnel syndrome afflicted hands and make me dexterous again. A new pair of eyes wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

Project time, Bonding time

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