Whoever thought of putting cartoon and kiddie characters on medical scrubs was a genius. This one makeover that took too long to be made. I remember twenty or more years ago when scrub suits were either green or white (perhaps I saw an occasional blue).

I have a nephew, now a grown man of course, who was in hospital quite often as an infant up to the time he was three or four years old. He had Haemophilia A, a condition which he outgrew as he matured, but gave him (and his parents) quite a difficult time when he was younger. I had the opportunity to watch over him for a few nights when he was confined to hospital. The boy grew so afraid of anyone in white (aides, nurses and doctors were in white back then) that when we came home anyone dressed in white who would approach him, even if it was a relative, was sure to elicit a frightened scream.

It was heartbreaking.

But now I would think kids would get a little consolation out of seeing their favorite cartoon characters on the nurses clothes. Precious little, but I think it would be more of a distraction and would let the medical workers do what they need to do in order to help the young patient. If anything, all that color would be more welcome to the eyes of a child than the horrid plain white.

Scrub suit makeover

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