Back when blogging was done solely on the computer we had platforms like wordpress and blogger and livejournal and such. A blogger could type leisurely on a normal sizable keyboard and use a mouse for the other operations, and the end result was a well thought out post.

With the introduction of internet capable mobile phones came the ability for users to micro blog, enabling thought publishing while literally on the go.

But since tiny keyboards on the mobile phones seem to accommodate tiny thoughts only, platforms such as twitter and tumblr came into being, and connectivity becoming available to one’s online ubiquity Facebook, microblogging became an integral part of one’s online presence. It became a necessity for one to inform the rest of the world what color underwear one decided to wear on the odd day, and at which overpriced coffee shop did one decide to sit and eat thin chocolate chip cookies

But now comes the boon to oldtimer bloggers like me who may have settled for Facebook but have always felt something was missing…

WordPress for Mobiles!

Now I can post to my blog from my celphone without having to deal with tiny browser fonts! Without having to wait for images to load! Without having to tumblr or tweet!

Life as I know it has returned. 🙂


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