This view is my favorite test shot scene, for any camera that I can get my hands on when at home. It’s a view of the dining room and the kitchen, while I’m standing in our work area. You’ll notice that our house, while rather spacious, does not contain any modern furniture. And that’s for a number of reasons, most important of which is that heavy rains almost always bring flood waters into the house. The sad formula is high tide + 30 minutes continuous rain = flood inside the house. The height of the flood may vary from ankle high to knee level depending on the duration and intensity of rainfall.

We had grown accustomed to this minor (in our view) inconvenience. But when Typhoon Ondoy happened, it wasn’t just knee-high flood that we had to deal with. The flood waters reached chest-level, and the line that it left on the wall can still be discerned if you look closely on the left.

I hear that the dredging and rehabilitation of the Laguna de Bay and related areas, where the floodwaters came when the lake overflowed, will help make sure that such a devastating flood will not happen again. But then I also hear that the Aquino government had reneged on the contract that was supposed to make this improvement. Heaven forbid that another Ondoy should find us again.

Our House

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