It’s either one or the other, time or money. Inclination however, is always there, but I have a feeling that if I don’t do something about it soon, even that might dwindle. I don’t want to be the working stiff who lives from payday to payday anymore. And it’s not as if I splurge on stuff. There’s my son’s allowance and rent up in Baguio, groceries for the house, utilities. I totalled those up once and wondered how I even managed to live from payday to payday, because there’d be nothing left for operational expenses. I’ve had to force myself to think up ways that I can get around the city to take pictures on the cheap. I can’t even go out of town with what I have.

Some people tell me I can go out of town without having to spend a centavo, and that is if I organize an out-of-towner for a group and charge them enough to cover my own expenses. But one thing I learned from going out with a group I organize is I never get to shoot properly, because I’m too busy making sure the rest of the group do.

Right now only a radical change will work. I’m working on that.

Not enough money and not enough time

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