Being an occasional online buyer myself, I have never understood the usefulness of online coupons such as coupons, till I realized they’re really the same as the ones I can cut out from newspapers and magazines. It’s surprising how these coupons do actually work — discounts of 5% or 10% may not mean much to some people, but when one is on their last few pesos that’s when the appreciation comes in. Discount coupons and cards, store loyalty cards — especially those where you don’t have to shell out any cash for — does help one’s budget. I remember one time when I had to buy a can of my daughter’s powdered milk, which cost just under P500, and discovered that the points on my customer advantage card were enough to cover the purchase. That was a huge relief for me, and from then on I had never passed up the chance to use any discount coupons or freebie cards from the establishments that I regularly go to.

Online shopping advantages

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