While we now know about various forms of mix and match chemical drugs and which celebrities are addicted to and/or have been arrested for their use, some of us may not know about a few famous opium users who may have wished that opiate detox was available during their time.

Marcus Aurelius – The Roman Emperor initially used the drug for medicinal purposes, but likely became addicted to it at some point during his reign over Rome.

Charles Dickens – The author of A Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol was addicted to opium for many years and used the drug heavily right up to the time of his death (by massive stroke).

Bela Lugosi – The star of hundreds of early horror films was a frequenter of several underground opium dens and also used morphine excessively during his life.

Florence Nightengale – It was discovered after her death that the most famous nurse who ever lived was a notorious opium users.

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