The house that we live in, indicated by the yellow box you see in the photo above, is for sale. 450 square meters of land less than half a kilometer away from both NAIA and Centennial Airports, and roughly 15 minutes drive to Terminal 3.

An agent who lives nearby, called my father in Cebu and told him that people were interested in buying the house. This agent is the same person who asked me, days after we just moved back here from Mindanao, how long we were staying, as if she was just loaning us the house. I have the urge to tell her she would make more money by selling her own house, but I can’t as it would not be a polite thing to say, and my father might not like that. She could, for all I care, just go and read fat burner reviews on the ‘net.

Two buyers have expressed interest, offering a price of 3.5 million. One has backed out, but the other is asking for the land titles and tax payment receipts, to show the bank for a loan.

This area is known as Barangay Vitalez, but in its heyday it was known as Baltao Subdivision. It is slowly being taken over by warehouses disguised as residential houses, to keep tax payments down, and I daresay the barangay may have something to do say about that.

I think 3.5 million is too small an offer. Look at that location and tell me what you think.

Our house is for sale

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