… the company payroll was not fully automated.

Around 12 years ago I was working for a medium-sized computer company in Cebu. The pay wasn’t much but the admin understood that every now and then an employee would need a bit of a boost until next payday.

They provided payday advance loans for up to 50% of our next paycheck, which was a lot of help. There wasn’t much to it. Around a week before payday you just had to walk up to the admin manager and say you need one. It would take her a few minutes to look into your records and if everything was clear, she would hand you the amount that you would like up to the above mentioned limit.

It was that easy. They did a good job of keeping track of stuff because the deductions appeared in the next pay slip, quite accurately. There was never any question of being double deducted, or of not being able to pay it back.

The same company also offered computer loans once you became a regular employee. While there was also a limit on the specifications based on your take home pay, you could bring home a complete set, payable in 1 year. Should you decide to leave the company before that year is over, the remaining amount due is deducted from your final pay.

I suppose this practice is only possible now for smaller companies who manually edit the payroll out of an excel file, because it sure is a pain to get a loan out of larger companies.

Things were easier back when …

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