It was the Farewell Party at Maia’s school yesterday. Much as I like the school’s method of training and its teachers too, the school board has this irritating knack of lining up long-winded speakers during events such as these. There would be three or four guest speakers and they would go on and on about this or that, while the children fidgeted in their seats. March is a warm uncomfortable month in the Philippines, and the speeches do nothing to alleviate the restlessness of children ages 4-6 years old.

It was just as well when Maia and her friends found this tricycle parked outside the school.

It belonged to the school’s next door neighbor and was being used to ferry promotional products to and from their store.

Maia and her classmates had a lot more fun here than they did inside with all the speeches. So did I.

Kids just want to have fun

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