Tech Republic has just come up with its list of The 10 elite smartphones of 2010, and just as I figured I currently have the poor cousin of the #10 on the list.

This is mainly because I lost my iPhone (2g 8GB, but an iPhone nevertheless, the iPhone 4 is #1 on Tech Republic’s list) to thieves the week before Christmas. In case you haven’t heard the story yet and would like to know, there were at least two of them working together. I was pinned to the window seat on the left side of the bus. Just before the Ayala stop guy on my right reaches across me to pull the curtains shut. I don’t budge. Guy reaches out again for the curtains, and when I still don’t budge the guy beside him reaches out and hits my forehead.

When that happens, my right arm goes up in a defensive motion for about 3 seconds. That’s all they needed. People file out at Ayala stop, I look down to see the zip on my pack open. I reach in, iPhone is gone. I look up, thieves are gone too.

They might have already been there when I boarded the bus, or may have followed me. I don’t really know and I’d really rather not delve into it now. One thing I do know is I now avoid aircon buses with curtains, and the last time I passed the Ayala station on a non-aircon bus my heart was pounding. This is not the first time I’ve lost a phone to people who can nimbly open the zip on backpacks even when they’re right in front of you. The experience has left me feeling quite dumb.

So now you ask, why do I have a blackberry curve? That’s a different story. A friend of mine from the office was offered an iPhone 3Gs, but she had already bought the blackberry. She was having a difficult time with it though, and she suggested that I buy it off her so that she’ll have enough funds to get the iPhone 3Gs. And I followed her suggestion.

Something tells me I should have just put myself on a smartphone ban, until my Nokia 1800 is a year old. I still might, before the year is over.

Anyone care to buy a Blackberry Curve 8520?

Smartphone and not so smart user

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One thought on “Smartphone and not so smart user

  1. It’s about a basic set of applications and functions that users need while everything else is gravy. Also, I would say that it’s not all about business. I know several people who use “smartphones” because they get access to their mobile lives via these phones. Are they sales people? Nope. Are they marketing people? Nope. But they sure use the hell out of their phones for every aspect of their digital lives away from their desktop/laptop.

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