I have no plans of retiring just yet, but I did hit the breaks just now.

At first I thought it was a general burn out after several years of doing the same thing. But something happened at yesterday’s company sponsored paintball tournament that made me come to terms with what I really hated about work these days.

We have a third-party SEO service provider. We’ve worked with them for several years now, but with only one individual providing SEO services for our own website. It would be fair to say that he knew his SEO stuff well, and could make any link say, UTV Accessories, come to the top of the search engine results in less than a month.

That one individual has now expanded his services to include web development. He and his people have no certifications whatsoever in this field. My team does. But it was as if I literally just woke up to find most of my older clients in his hands. He had approached them with his famous SEO stuff and won them over.

What my old clients don’t know is that this individual who now runs what he calls a web development company knows absolutely nothing at all about server management, and is still dependent on us for support. What they don’t know is this individual is fond of installing unknown and untested components into a live environment that has caused several websites to go down during business days.

They don’t also know that once the sites go down this individual or any of his cohorts literally run to me for support — for stuff that they have been fiddling with on their own and have absolutely no idea how it works.

For several months now, my email inbox has been peppered with requests for support from them, which was eating up the time that I could have spent on my other paying clients. It was really getting on my nerves. I’ve never felt this stressed in the 10 years that I have been working for this company.

Well, we invited them to our annual company sponsored paintball tournament. My team, Web Development, was pitted against theirs in an “impartial draw.” I was so pleased to have the chance to finally settle a long standing score.

To be continued


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