Bauang Sunset

The Gaerlan Family finally had our outing to La Union last weekend. A long planned and oft postponed trip, but at long last it happened. Maia had been nagging at us to take her to the beach, and it had been a long time since we visited Daddy Toming’s grave. My camera, although a year old now, has never shot San Juan, the Gaerlan hometown, and so there were several reasons for going.

Accommodations was never the problem, it was finding a way to get there that proved to be difficult. We appreciated the Gaerlan house, although partially unfinished and did not have any Kohler kitchen faucet, which was quite comfortable and convenient as well.

San Juan Church

From there we could walk to the Plaza Amparo and to the Church of San Juan, and it was only a short ride to the beach and the watchtower.

We didn’t spend as much time there as we wanted. We left Manila early in the morning of Saturday, stayed overnight into Sunday and was back in Manila shortly after midnight on the following Monday. Next time we should plan a longer stay.


Visita La Union

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