WordPress for Android was released into the droid market yesterday, upped to version 1.3.8 with quite a few welcome updates and bug fixes. Read more about it on the WordPress for Android blog.

For all my gripes about the Android Market, WordPress for the droid is one of the few things I’m happy about. The previous version worked and this new one works even better. Which is more than I can say about WordPress for the iPhone — two upgrades into the app and it still won’t display my posts, still coming up with the XML-RPC error despite my 2g running on OS 3.1.3. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about

And so while that is as it is, I’m sticking to Blogpress for iPhone.

Update: searching through the iPhone app support on the WordPress.org support site led me to Roger Hyam’s blog where he reveals the fix he did to make the WordPress App for the iPhone finally work for him. However, this is a coder’s solution which I cannot recommend to non-code fiddling self-hosted wordpress users. What Roger did is to comment out lines 43, 44, 45 and 46 of the xmlrpc.php file that is found in the root directory of a WordPress installation. I did this myself just a few minutes ago and the fix does work.

Other similar suggestions on getting the app to work with 3.1.3 all involve modifying code. This is all well and good for those of us who can, but what about those who can’t?

WordPress for Android Updated

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