It was a little past two in the afternoon last Friday, and we were all worried. Earlier that day we all thought we’d be hieing off to the bank, a short jeepney ride away from the office, and then to the Technohub for lunch, but at that late hour and still no release for us to claim our cheque, I was thinking maybe I should have availed myself of a cash advance payday loan from somewhere.

My family and I had made plans of going out of town, fueled with the money from this month’s salary. I also had to pay my nanny her salary before she went off to her annual 1-month vacation, which was also coming out of the proceeds of that cheque.

We were so worried that we had huddled by our graphics artist’s cubicle, unable to do any work with the thought of the upcoming weekend with no cash in hand. At half past two, the HR person made her way to our group to break the news: no way were the cheques going to be released before 3pm, closing time for bank branches not in malls. The project manager was still downstairs at a meeting and was not available to sign the releases.

I had no choice. I called my husband’s cel right there and then and within everyone’s earshot, including the HR person’s, but without shouting of course, I told him everything had to be cancelled, the trip to Baguio, the short 3-day vacation, and all the rest that came with it. I also told him that fares for Kuya Maui’s trip must be found because HE had to be in Baguio on the 4th to get his cross-registration papers done.

I then quietly packed my stuff and headed out the door. I passed by the HR person’s desk and quietly said goodbye to her too.

But then I’d only gone one flight downstairs when one of the team leads caught up with me and asked me to come back. He said that HR told him to run after me to ask me to come back. I asked why, he said he didn’t know, but he thinks HR finally called the PM.

To make a long story short, I got my cheque, and so did everyone else, and it was almost a photo finish how we all made it to the bank with 10 minutes to go before closing time. Maybe, we said to each other, that was HR’s idea of an April Fool’s joke?

April Fools

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