So there we were sitting at Mr. Kebab at the Ayala Technohub, digesting our meat laden lunch with not-so-idle conversation. We had asked for the bill and were just waiting to see how much it was so we could split it, when a young waitress politely asks me if I had a senior citizen’s card.

I’m used to being asked that, especially since I had stopped dyeing my hair back to chestnut brown after it has almost completely turned grey. While I am not exactly old enough to qualify for senior life insurance, I more often than not look the part. I would rather go with the flow than act offended, so I told the waitress, “Oh dear, I forgot my card at home…”

But my co-worker Joed quickly interjects, “But you aren’t a senior citizen yet, are you?” To which I say, “No, but it’s better than taking the waitress to task for thinking that I was.”

What I didn’t realize was that the waitress was still behind me, and had heard everything we said. She quickly and quite profusely apologized, but I waved it casually away. It’s ok, really. But I think the best reply to a situation like that would be what my friend Seth would like to say, one of these days:

Hindi edad yan, konsumisyon yan!

Bambit the Grey

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  1. my gray hair is also a big problem. i had them since i was 3. i still color my hair though but during my rest period, i have almost everything gray. you are not lo

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