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Barcode scanners have always fascinated me, mainly because of the apparent impossibility of how so much data can be stored in a series of lines, the usability of which is then extended by an online database so large it can contain information on something as insignificant as a disposable razor or a small carton of cereal.

In fact when I got my first iPhone I was delighted to discover all these apps that could turn it into a barcode scanner online. I downloaded several of these apps in turn, testing them on everything I had in the house with a barcode. It was fun at the start, but then it dawned on me that although my phone could read barcodes, the results were next to useless for me because most of the sources listed were stores in the USA.

What would be cool is for someone here in the Philippines to create an app particularly for Philippine consumers use =)

Lines and lines of code

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  1. It will come. 3 or 4 years ago, Scandinavian Airlines (where I worked) launched boarding phones using barcodes. I think we are the first in Europe who had this. Even our american passengers were so impressed 🙂

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