Ok, I need to admit that I am not the best person to do sewing projects these days. Other than the lack of good eyesight I also happen to have a lack of space for anything, especially bead storage. The beads from the un-started Christmas decor from last December? They’re still in their individually sectioned plastic bags, desperately calling out for organization.

I blame the Internet for this. Of course I blame the Internet for almost anything that I no longer do. Like read real paper books. Write on real paper with real pens and ink. Watch TV. Watch movies in a real dark air conditioned movie house with popcorn spilling all over my shirt.

But back to sewing and beads. Maybe I just need to setup a good spot either in the front or back yard, far away from any computer noises and with enough light for me to actually see what I’m doing. I also need a sewing basket with everything in it, including the bead box, spool holders, spare threaders and perhaps even a magnifying glass.

I’ll look into it as soon as find enough time away from the computer. *wink*

Keeping things neat and tidy

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