Now that I am able to, at least every now and then, get the stuff that I have been eying for more than a year now, finding more stuff to want doesn’t seem as urgent anymore, like for example, getting a Beyond Nice hot tub cover. I have my camera, my father’s lenses, my Danboards, Mage Knights, miniatures and a tofu doll. With these and a bit of imagination for backgrounds I have just about everything I need to come up with a good toy photo at least once a day.

My son in Cebu, who takes pictures when not busy at his job as a BPO representative, has promised to bequeath to me his softbox and lightstand once he has upgraded from his current studio set. That plus my umbrella, and now all I need would be a new flashgun and a studio backdrop. And a shooting table would be useful as well.

Who could ask for anything more

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