I’ve been curious about Black Rapid camera straps ever since I saw them at Joseph Leh’s Filters Exchange Website. Until then the only straps I have tried are the Optech and Crumpler ones. Optech because it’s what I use now, and Crumpler because I got one for my son late last year. Of course I tried it on for size, attaching it to the Nikon D90 he asked me to buy for him here in Manila around that time.

Much as I would like to keep using the default Nikon neck straps (I have 5 in my collection) they’re not as comfortable as neoprene, and eat into the skin at the back of my neck on long photowalks. So when the Black Rapid straps came out with the shoulder/sling style I wondered if that may be the answer to my needs.

And then I was double excited to find that via Zenfolio’s blog I could have the chance to win one 🙂 So here I am reblogging as requested, and crossing fingers and hoping really hard that I get lucky.

Thanks for the opportunity, Zenfolio and Black Rapid!


Black Rapid Camera Straps

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