Yes, it’s true, I gave up my blackberry and sold it to someone who appreciated it more and would probably have more use for it that I would for now.

I admit it had been an impulse purchase on my part, just days after my iPhone had been picked from my knapsack by a thief, shortly before Christmas.

I also admit that after a couple of days I had the 8520 berry figured out, even without looking at the manual too many times. The logic of its navigation became quite clear after discovering it had several ways of getting into the same place.

However, after less than three weeks I had to admit to myself that it wasn’t for me, that there was probably someone out there who would have better use for it that I, who only wanted for a time to post to Facebook with that unmistakable BB logo. Mere capriciousness.

Having lost 3 smartphones in two years I felt it was time to purge myself of the smartphone, and so I have gone back to using the monochrome bar Nokia’s, those that you can drop from the second floor, rush down to pick up and reassemble and with it send a text message to my husband saying ooops I just dropped my phone.

Bye bye Berry

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