Traditional bridesmaid dresses in the Philippines tend to be more on the gown side than on the dress side, and I realized that this was quite impractical, especially after watching a segment on one of Oprah Winfrey’s shows.

The point was just because a couple is budget conscious does not mean they cannot throw a pretty wedding, and that instead of spending on cheap gowns for the bridesmaids, what they CAN do to save is have them wear dresses instead, ones that they can use for other occasions after the wedding.

The dresses shown on Oprah’s show were monochrome gray and pastel, and the accessories was what made the model bridesmaids stand out. When worn with other accents, the dresses could easily be worn at ****tail parties or nights out. Since these days the bridesmaids are often asked to chip in for the price of the dress, this is the best alternative to the gown that is most likely to be worn only once.

Practically nice

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One thought on “Practically nice

  1. i think that weddings should be practical. no fun to eat tuyo the days after. LOL. (i say this because we could not afford a grand wedding.)

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