My paternal grandfather smoked cigars. They may have been Alhambra Coronas, or romeo y julieta, right now I cannot recall, but they came, as most cigars do, in a cedar box which inevitably became sewing boxes for the girls.

I do remember that these boxes were the best to have as sewing kits. It could hold everything from thread to pads of needles, a small pin cushion and even a small project that we may be working on at the time. I remember other girls in school had cookie box sewing kits instead, but nothing was quite like the cigar box model. They were compact and fit easily in a school bag, and a little latch hook made sure that the contents didn’t spill out.

Sometimes I wish I had a friend who smoked cigars, just so I could have the chance to get one of those boxes again.

The best sewing kits

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