When I went into photography two years ago, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to specialize in. I knew I wanted a camera that could help me document the traveling I was to do that year. The year before that I had been to places with my trusty point and shoot digital camera, and although did manage to take a few good ones with it, most of the time it came up short of what I really wanted.

A few months after I got my camera, I got training too. I figured since I went into this I may as well go all the way and learn to do stuff the right way.

After a few spells of portraiture and post processing training, my work at the time and family obligations did not give me much time to pursue other genres of photography. Instead I tried to come up with a way to continue taking pictures without having to leave the house.

That’s when I started collecting action figures.

When I started this I didn’t even know what to collect. Then while walking along a downtown street in Sta. Cruz Manila, I saw my very first figures.

Final Fantasy Figures
From Final Fantasy: Warrior of Light, Tidus, Cloud Strife, Zidane

I found much enjoyment collecting figures such as these and taking their pictures, even when I hardly knew anything about their fictional history.

Later on I decided to look for figures that I did know about, so I could pose the more realistically if possible. That’s when I found the Rurouni Kenshin figures.

Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin, closer
Kenshin, closer

After these I got the Dragon Ball Z figures, Indiana Jones, Sailor Moon, Super Mario and now I even have a tiny but quite photogenic version of Wall-E.

I like taking pictures of figures, because it helps me learn a lot about how to take pictures of real people. You might say I’m practicing on these so that when I go on a real shoot, I’ll have a good idea of how a real person shoot should be setup and arranged.

Collections and sundry

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