I figured the only way I was going to learn about how effective a document management software is was to download it and try it for myself. Unfortunately, not too many software sites offer their wares for trial in a reasonably sized download. Dokmee Home version, however, is different. Just a tad over 50mb, less than 5 minutes download time on my home DSL and I’d have all the time in the world to try it out.

But first of all, why is there a need for a good document management software in the first place? People would think that all that needed doing was to create folders on a server adequately named so that there would be no question about their contents. While the simplest thing may be the obvious thing, unfortunately in real life it is not. The need for document management software with version and access control is necessary for shared computers in a home environment, and for shared documents in an office environment.

Having an effective document management software installed on one’s system makes sure that there is but one definitive and active document at any given time, so that it is the latest and approved version of a proposal that gets sent out to clients, the latest and approved price lists and contract versions. This eliminates conflict between departments in an inter-departmental project because there is always only ONE document in discussion and in use.


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