I have always wanted a house big enough to accommodate indoor planters as well as a garden where I could place outdoor planters in a manner that would be artistic and pleasing to the eye, and would also bring in enough oxygen to make up for all the bad air of the city.

The house we live in now, my father’s house, however is up for sale. This house sits on four hundred and fifty square meters of land, certainly large enough to have an outddor planter at every corner. The house itself is more than two hundred fifty meters in floor area, and should I have wished to I could have put an indoor planter at several sunny spots.

However, the house is much too big for our family of four, and much too expensive to maintain at our current income level. If we were to continue living here, shouldering all the repairs necessary to keep it pristine, it would eat up into our resources that would otherwise be allocated for the children’s education and allowances. I have to admit that at this point in my life my chances of landing a job with six-figure salary are quite slim. Unfortunately that is what I need to keep the house.

So we are letting it go. Leave me a message here, if you are interested.

Selling my father’s house

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