I don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed by the fact that no man has ever given me stuff from Milady, Tiffany’s, everlon, or even Meycuayan, Bulacan. The time I came closest to owning anything that can be called jewelry is a pair of small silver hoop earrings I bought at an Ibay’s outlet in Baguio. And our wedding rings, of course, which may perhaps be the most expensive piece of jewelry my husband and I have bought and will ever buy.

In fact I have not, much to my detriment, even gone out of my way to really learn the best way to put on makeup to enhance my features. Ever. To this day when I am forced to wear makeup I always have a strange feeling that it’s someone else looking back at me in the mirror. I actually envy women who can put on makeup while standing in a crowded train on the way to work.

All that glitters

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