I don’t go out very much so I don’t know where else they’re installed, but I do so love the hand dryers they have at the restrooms of the Powerplant Mall. They’re not the usual “push the button and get hot air blown on to your hand” type of hand dryers, but the ones that blow jets of cool but fast moving air at your hands when you put your hands through the drying area.

I like these new style hand dryers because they actually get my hands dry — as compared to the hot air ones that make my hands sweat and really don’t dry them up after a wash. And I laud the Powerplant Mall for installing these wonderful machines, because they actually consume less electricity because there is no need to generate heat. They’re hygienic because no part of the hands need to touch the machine — the jets of air automatically start the second it senses the hands — and there is also no need for paper towels to finish off. They’re practical, novel and best of all they make the Powerplant Mall restrooms actually restful.

It’s details such as these that make a place memorable.

It’s in the details

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