So here I am ogling stuff that I can’t have on my favorite online magazines. And I say can’t because it would either be too expensive or too ludicrous for the kind of weather we have in my country.

But one thing I have always really wanted that just might work is a bathtub — but then I realize, after reading about hot tub covers that incorrectly cleaned and maintained tub and cover could breed bacteria and germs that I haven’t even heard of until today.

For example, a poorly maintained tub can lead to a case of Legionnaire’s Disease, which may arise from bathing in a dirty bathtub combined with an open wound or sore. Dipping oneself for an extended length of time in such conditions may prove to be detrimental to ones’ health, despite its relaxing effect.

So, the Pinoy in me still hails the good old pail and tabo (bath dipper) system.

Want! Then again, maybe not …

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