I have been a PayPal member since 2006. I had to sign up for an account since I had started accepting payment for services online. When I learned about eBay I also started buying stuff on the internet and paying via PayPal.

One thing I did not know about after all these years was that payment could be sent and received without PayPal deducting anything from the transaction — and that is if the payment was sent as a Personal one, instead of for goods or services.

How is this done?

On the Send Payment tab, you will have the option to choose whether to send money as a payment for Online Services OR Personal Payments. Click on the Personal Payments tab. You will then have choices between Shared expenses, Rental charges, Payment owed, and Others. Choose Others and complete the transaction.

Your payment will be received without any deductions from PayPal.

Now, I have no idea how big an amount can be send through this method, but if you’re sending payments less than the equivalent of P100 USD, I think they can come through with no deducted fees from PayPal.

Many thanks to Lehboy of Filters-Exchange.com for the link on the blogote.com site.

Pay with PayPal with No Fees

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