Shooting Table

I have been shooting products for the better part of a year now, both for myself and for a couple of clients. For now I have been mainly depending on DIY lightboxes, nothing fancy and certainly nothing to brag about. Other than a PVC pipe frame assembly on which I drape some backgrounds on I have not made anything with the complexity of one necessitating industrial bearings.

However I was piqued by the photo above — and now wondering if a P3,000 shooting table (US$70) can be DIY’d using an old folding chair/bed assembly which resembles the frame of the above contraption. Either a white formica or linoleum surface/background will do to top the “shooting table” and a meter or two of either will do.

Now what I need to do is find out how much the DIY frame and top will cost — if it costs less than half of the original product then I think it will be worth it.

The mother of invention

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