Should I invest in gold? I’d have to ask the guy with the goose first, I think. But then again, he got greedy and anticipated production and you know what happened after that. I really don’t know the first thing about gold, I just know that our wedding rings are made of it and that it cost us an arm and a leg.

Jewelry, now there’s another thing that’s made of this yellow metal. But as I have admitted before and will forever continue to do so I have never hand much interest in jewelry, unless it’s the ethnic kind. I like beads and brass bells. These are stuff that wouldn’t find their way into Tiffany’s.

So with that hackneyed metaphor in mind I ask myself: is it because I’m a beads and brass girl and not a gold necklace one that I have not found myself ensconced in plush leather seats in the higher echelons of the corporate world?

Uh, say what?

Beads and brass and gold

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